Whats wrong with Willie

On wensday against the Dodgers was a great game for us and nothing to complain about. Nothing except the very end when Whillie took out John Maine in the ninth. Let the guy pitch the complete game theres no way they can come back from a 13-0 game. Willie can’t manage his bullpen if we don’t win the world series this year I want him gone and I’ll do anything to take him out. If it was 2-0 fine take him out but its 13-0 come on. Whats wrong with Willie.




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  1. jimmy27nyy

    A Sad Day For The Mets …

    The way the Mets fired Willie Randolph, is a “DISGRACE” !!! … In my view, the Mets players have to take the blame for the poor way the team is playing this year !!! … If the Wilpons wanted to make a change, they should have cleaned house, starting with getting rid of Omar Minaya [who put this team together], then, fire the whole coaching staff, along with Willie … With a new General Manager, and Manager [from outside the Mets organization] in place, the Mets should then start getting rid of some of the players who are “under-performing” this year !!! … Nicky, what do you think ??? … Take care ! … Jimmy [27NYY] …


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