Omar says nothing in two languages

In the Omar press conference he said nothing
just the same old thing over and over again. It got boring
after a while. There was a spanish reporter who asked him a
question and he said thae same thing whitch was nothing at
all. He now on my list of people to get rid of. He should go
next if theses no improvement cause its also his fault as
well. He kept on pausing on every sentence. He had to say at
least 25-30 uhs or ums. But the top of cake was when Manuel
came in a open with the fraise whats up my brothers. I
started laughing and at one point I couldn’t breath. Thats
the new face of the franchise and fraise like that O my God.
But after that he was good and friendly with the reports and
did pritty good. He did way better than Omar did for good.
The title was from my friend Jimmy Curran.


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