Kings of the NL EAST

In the past month or so I haven’t been writing but I have been observing the Met games and noticed that the Mets are really dominating the teams in the NL East. We killed off the Nationals and Braves. We took care of the Marlins at Shea a few games ago. The Phillies just suck as always there no threat to me personally. All the Mets have to do is improve the bullpen but other than that we got the division in our hands. We killed the Nationals in Washington So there done for the year. The braves were done since May. The only time the Braves play descent baseball is at home anywere eles they suck. The Marlins had a good run but all got things come to an end. The Phillies we just own this year for the exception for the game on Tuesday. Now all  we have to do is beat the Phillies 2 out of 3 games and its over. WE WILL BE KNGS OF THE NL EAST!



  1. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Nicky …
    First, thanks for your recent visit to my blog. When you get a chance, check out my response to your comments … Now, I agree, the Mets have a great chance to make the playoffs this year. The remaining schedule is def in the Mets favor … But, let me remind you, [just in case you forgot], last year the New York Mets led the NL EAST by 7 games with 17 games remaining … And, if you recall, the Mets “folded like a cheap deck chair on the Titanic” !!! … The Philadelphia Phillies stole the Division, but all the Mets had to do was win a few extra games down the stretch, and they would have finished in first place in the NL EAST !!! … So, don’t be too confident until all the games are played, and the final out is made, that will clinch the Division for the Mets … If it is meant to be, the Mets will win the clinching game to take the NL EAST Division Title … Hey, maybe the Mets and Phillies will end up tied for first place, and there will be a “one-game” playoff to decide the winner of the NL EAST … Ask your father about 1978 — Yankees vs. Red Sox — one-game playoff up at Fenway Park, for first place in the the AL EAST … The Yankees won that game, and went onto win their second straight Championship [’77-’78] back then !!! … What do you think? … Do the Mets have it in them, to win it all in 2008? … and, then repeat [again] in 2009 ??? … Well, we will see over the next few weeks !!! … Nicky, I know you will understand, [as a life-long Yankees fan], I will be rooting for the Phillies to win the NL EAST !!! … But, watch all the games, and enjoy all the action, as it will be fun, if your team [Mets] does make it into the post-season this year … I will be looking forward to the 2009 season, as the Yankees move into the new Yankee Stadium, hoping to win their 27th World Championship — next year !!! … Take care, Nicky … “Good Luck” and “Success”, in your new school !!! … Say hello to everybody !!! … Jimmy [27NYY] …

  2. metmainman

    The Phillies do not suck. The Phillies have a very good ballclub, their offense is the best in the bigs, and they have a great bullpen. If they had better starting pitching, they would be in first place. As a Mets fan, you shouldn’t underestimate the other clubs in the NL East. Look what happened last year.


    Own the phillies??? you just lost a series to them. and i love your business about owning the east. how quickly you forget about last year’s historical collapse. 7 games at hand and you gave out worse then billy wagner’s shoulder. 19 games to go with no closer. not good. phillies pitching has been their strong suit; it has been their inconsistant (at best) hitting that has left them in this position. my prediction; one game playoff between the two clubs. shea stadium lives to see one more game, the down fall is that pedro will be pitching and we all seen what happened when he faced the fightin’s last time……To Be Continued


    A bit over confident to say the least. The Mets hold their own destiny now. All they have to do is win out. Here is the problem with that, Santana, and Ollie can only pitch 2 out of every 5 games, nobody else in the rotation has been pitching well. Wagner is done for the season, the bullpen hasn’t had anybody else consistent enough to rely on this year. Another problem is that there is NOT 8 Delgado’s in the line-up. The past 10 -20 games it’s been Delgado, tatis, or NOBODY driving in big runs, getting key hits or coming through in the clutch. The bad thing is, Wahington is a team with nothing left to lose so they should play the mets tough, same with the braves, and for the Phillies, Rollins, Howard and Utley are just starting to warm up again and get hot at the plate. In all reality, the Mets should win the East, but, they also aren’t playing like divison champs. Nobody in the east is, the Mets need to hope that the Phils do not continue being the hottest team in the NL East. In other words, Go Phillies!!!!!!!


    you guys arent kings of anything except your couch cushions. all i gotta say is to you met fans is JUST LIKE LAST YEAR… have fun at your playoff games this year, oh wait you guys didnt make it hahahahahahahahahahahaha. YOU GUYS ABSOLUTELY BLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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