ITS TIME to Clinch the NL EAST

This is the time for the Mets to beat up on the weaker teams in the National Leage and be the dominate team in the NL East for the the next few years. We are playing Washington for 2 and the Braves in 3 at Shea this week. We should go at least be 5-1 going on the road. On the road we play the same teams so we should at least be 9-3 playing Chicago at home and then the Marlins to finish off the year. Our record should be 13-6 in our last 19 games. In the series against the Phillies all we had to do is win one game to win the division and we did. So now I’m 100% confident that the Mets will win the division. The first reason is that the Phillies after tonight will be 2 1/2 or 1 1/2 out of the division and they have to win more games then the Mets. If the Phillies would have sweep then they would have a 1/2 game lead over the Mets. Which brings me to my second reason which is the MAGIC they had last year to come from behind in games which has somehow disappeard. They haven’t been coming back in games as much as they did last year. My third reason why the Phillies WON”T  win the divison and the mets will is because they just suck and thats they way it has all ways been and always will be. The Phillies just suck. They suck and the Mets are the best team in baseball something the Phillies will never get. Those philly fans will just have moan and star at there only World Series ring they will ever get and shall never get another one. As the Mets in few years time will recieve the third and maybe fourth World Series ring. The Phills will be left with a puny one ring they got a long long time ago.



  1. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Nicky …

    Congratulations on having your blog featured on the “quote section” of the home page !!! … Your quote: “All the Mets have to do is improve the bullpen … other than that, we [the Mets] got the Division in our hands” … Well, Nicky, you called it right regarding last night’s 10-8 Mets win against the Nationals … After the Mets starter, Perez, was knocked out of the game, after giving up 7 runs in the 3.1 innings he pitched, six Met relievers out of the bullpen closed out the Mets win by allowing only one run over 5 2/3 innings … So, in this game, the bullpen gets the win [and save] of a Mets victory. But, bringing in six relievers every game will not be a very effective way to win ball games down the stretch !!! … The Mets will have to hope they continue to score many runs, because their pitching staff may not be consistent enough to carry them to victory, in the NL EAST, or, in the post-season [if they make the playoffs] … And, making the playoffs is not a sure event for the Mets — until they actually clinch the division !!! … I think, the Phillies will still have a lot to say about who wins the NL EAST !!! … Nicky, take care … Jimmy [27NYY] …


    all i have to say about you stupid mets fans is…JUST LIKE LAST YEAR!!!!!!! you guys are the epitomy of choke artists up by 7 last year 3.5 this year and you guys still find a way to blow it, what a waste of time that team is. bullpen is worthless, choked the last game of the season to the marlins (which by the way was the same as last year) hope your team is comfy on their couches as they watch the phillies in october!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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