Mets land K For K Rod!

I am possive about this huge pick up from the Mests this year and I think the Mets will go all the way this year. The mets now have the greatest closer in baseball today. Now with K Rod on our team we will win a least 15 more games than we did last year. Our bullpen is better now without Smith and the other guy in it. So now with K Rod the Mets will win the East this year and next year and the year after that. We will win at least 1 championship in the process while everyone else suffers. Especially those yankees and phillies will suffer more with the Mets winning everything and sight. I want every Mets fan to chant LETS GO METS! Everyday till we win the World Series. This is the biggest thing since Mike Piazza in 1998 and Pedro in 2004 winter or 2005 winter. 

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